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Rattlesoft Carbon Foundry (RCF) is an enterprise business orchestration platform that provides enterprises an integrated suite of business software, allows developers to quickly build, deploy, test and manage their own applications, and harness the power of emerging technologies such as blockchain.

Single Integrated Platform

Easily build, deploy, manage and monitor your apps in one platform.

Powerful Architecture

Robust, extensible and interoperable framework capable of strong integration with existing and third party apps, database, etc. seamlessly.

Ready to Deploy Apps

Deploy readily available across all types of business domains and transactions with a click.

Streamline operations and increase efficiency

With RCF’s integrated policy automation and rules engine, you can automate and streamline any business process from end-to-end and continuously improve it to achieve operational efficiency.

Perform faster and secure transactions

As an enterprise-grade system, RCF is designed to run more transactions faster and with more security and reliability.

Eliminate errors and prevent fraud

The platform enables you to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual activities and inconsistent processes to increase productivity, improve accountability and reduce errors.

Enrich Customer Experience

Improve delivery process, gain insights, drive continuous improvements and adapt to market changes quickly resulting in enhance customer experience.


Rattlesoft Technologies, Inc. is a technology company specializing in developing software products that drive innovation, simplify business process, and empower its clients by giving them highly available, scalable, and extensible tools to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise-grade applications.

Our mission is to help organizations drive digital success and create greater value by providing an efficient, secure, adaptive, and integrated platform that enable seamless collaboration between business ideas and IT-enabled operations.

We have assembled a diverse and passionate team of technology and industry experts with combined commercial best-practice competencies and extensive experience from public sector institutions to corporate enterprises across industries.


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