The Key to Building An Empowered Enterprise

January 15, 2018

Complexity now plagues business organizations ever since software has become integral to achieving success. Working with a technology framework and business platform, we at Rattlesoft, have made it our mission to help them become empowered again.

Are you one among the majority of users that have been led to believe that implementing software systems is too complex and too difficult for your own organization to go at it alone without the use of big name software products or the help of expensive systems integrators? Well, if you are, you need to know that you have options.

It is a fact that developing software applications is exponentially more complex today that it was five years ago. But the good news is that despite this complexity, the tools available today to help you sort through all the complexities of developing scalable and extensible, cloud-native business applications have also matured and are now largely available and usable even to mere mortals such as you and me. The availability of on-demand infrastructure, software development platforms, runtimes and languages also gives us more available options to help us produce business applications that support the tactical, strategic, and financial goals of your company or organization.

Although software applications, agile development tools and a scalable and extensible technology infrastructure are readily available, a set of persisting challenges still remain: first, reducing the timelines for developing and releasing its software applications from months to weeks; second, empowering business process owners and domain specialists to take the lead role in the design and development of software applications; third, formulating a unifying framework that enables the organization to promote shared meaning across all its business units; fourth, the ability immediately execute and seamlessly scale their line of business applications to meet both current and emerging business demands with relative ease; and finally, reduce the cost of developing and managing their technology (software and infrastructure) environment.

Empowerment through a unifying platform—an enterprise policy and business orchestration platform. This is where Rattlesoft Technologies, Inc. (“Rattlesoft”) aims to make a difference. How? By giving the power back to the enterprise.

Rattlesoft operates on the premise of software being an indispensable part of the organization. Yet, on its heels comes ever-increasing complexity. Coupled with the growing demand for software and data driven services, changing market demands, and high expectations from customers or end-users, the inability to manage complexity hampers business. Unless they are given a unifying technology framework and business execution platform, it will be difficult for organizations to stay up-to-date and remain progressively relevant.


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