Navigating a business is extra tricky these days. The speed of economic and technological changes means that the right path yesterday won’t probably work today and despite the abundance of solutions that can be delivered by IT, failure to assemble the right mix can lead to disaster by tomorrow. Being able to decipher and handle the complications separates those who excel from the companies who are closing the doors.

Managing IT Complexity To Enable Business Growth

Wouldn’t it be simple to always get the right IT solutions to capitalize on new revenue opportunities and grow your business? Sadly, getting best-of-breed solutions could also lead to a more difficult challenge with business unable to effectively manage unwieldy systems that seemingly refuse to work in sync together.

Rattlesoft provides the hub around which a variety of technology solutions, services, and support are arrayed. By providing a complete set of integrated solutions and services, Rattlesoft clients gain the flexibility, scalability and IT simplicity they need to get their key business initiatives and new innovations up and running quickly.

Introducing Rattlesoft Carbon Foundry

Leverage different tools and technologies to develop robust, scalable business applications rapidly.

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Embed and re-use any components from RCF’s platform across your applications or solutions.

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Deploy ready to use business applications applicable across all types of business domains and transactions.

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Rattlesoft Carbon Foundry (RCF) is an enterprise business orchestration platform that provides enterprises an integrated suite of business software, allows developers to rapidly build, deploy, test and manage their own applications, and harness the power of emerging technologies.


Rattlesoft is a technology company that specializes in software products that drive innovation, simplify business process, and empower its clients by giving them highly available, scalable, and extensible platform and tools to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise-grade applications.

We help organizations drive success in the digital era and create greater value by providing an efficient, secure, adaptive, and integrated platform that enable seamless collaboration between business ideas and IT-enabled operations.

We have assembled a diverse and passionate team of technology and industry experts with combined commercial best-practice competencies and extensive experience from public sector institutions to corporate enterprises across industries.


Create, build and deploy business apps rapidly using our platform with these certified partners.

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January 15, 2018

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